Using the T5270 model optimized at 31" wide, it can comfortably accommodate the 29" press shop running in landscape and the 40" press shop running in portrait. Available for the T7270 (44") and the T3270 (24") as well.


The new Epson ImpoProof models take advantage of the tried and true ImpoProof camera registration system, and as with the Canon models, there are no internal modifications to the Epson Printers. There are no wires to be soldered to the control panels, no Main Controller Circuit Board leads that have to be removed. These advantages make servicing easier and less likely to have issue from Epson. The tried and true ImpoProof camera registration system (14 years) does not require running the printer in unidirectional mode either, resulting in speeds that are close to 100% faster than competitive Epson products.

Since ImpoProofs have always been driven by data from the production workflow, operators can have full confidence that the resulting proofs are predictive of the on-press results. The Impoproof solution includes ImageProcessor, Hyphen Asia Pacific’s bitmap proofing software which has been installed in hundreds of shops worldwide. ImageProcessor integrates seamlessly with all known prepress RIPs or workflows and converts the plate image bitmaps to the desired resolution for driving the Impoproof. ImageProcessor is also the only software that also integrates a PostScript RIP for running PDF from the many PDF workflows in use today.. Commercial print, magazine and catalog signatures, packaging work and direct mail can all be printed accurately, productively and with accurate front-to-back registration.

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