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Latest News!


New Orders in 2022


Now through the end of the year.

0.99% leasing through Canon Financial. 

3 year lease with a $1.00 buyout at lease end.

Contact us for details!.

GraCol UNC2013


Canon ImpoProof now has some capabilities for match color.  We have an inexpensive RIP that can match Gracol2013 UC.  Contact us for details.

ImpoProof 4100S

The newest model in the 4000 Series

22% Shorter Loop than the previous 8000 models.

Smallest loop anywhere!.

Also, a smaller footprint!.


The best double-sided proofer in the world, PERIOD.

Proudly solving double sided proofing needs, since 1997.


The ImpoProof has earned a reputation as the premier double-sided proofing solution in the world. The combination of Canon or Epson printer performance and a unique registration system has made the ImpoProof the industry leader in speed, quality, accuracy and reliability.                                  
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