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Back for the 4000S and 4100S Models


Upgrade Your ImpoProof



Available using the Canon GP4600S. This is a 7 color printer using C,M,Y,PBK,MBK,Gray and Orange. 



If you have an older 4000S or 4100S ImpoProof, you can upgrade your ImpoProof to a newer model for a lot less money than buying a new one!



Contact Flashlight Digital for pricing*.

*Pricing is for USA only. Other countries may vary




Need to upgrade from Windows XP?

If you have an ImpoProof 8000S, ImpoProof 8300S, ImpoProof 8400S, ImpoProof 9700, ImpoProof 7700 or ImpoProof T Series and need to upgrade from Windows XP to either Windows 7 or Windows 8, we have a simple upgrade path for you. 


The upgrade consists of replacing the camera system to our improved and higher resolution camera. Also, depending on the age of your existing PC you may need to purchase a new computer. Email us (at the serial number from your existing Proactive computer and we can find out if your PC is compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 8.


If you have an ImpoProof 8000, ImpoProof 810 or ImpoProof 815 you will have to purchase the printer upgrade to upgrade from XP.


Download the brochure for pricing information.

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