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ImpoProof Support

If you are currently under contract for ImpoProof phone and Remote support, we offer support M - F from 9am to 6pm EST.


If you are not sure that you have a current support contract, please call anyway, and we can tell you if you are under contract.


The support number is 1-800-353-5546.  

Use the prompt for support.

A support representative will either answer the phone or you will be prompted to leave a message.  You MUST leave a message in order to receive a call back.  Call back times may vary but historically is within 1 hr or less.


When you reach a support representative, you will be prompted to initiate a TeamViewer connection. If you do not have TeamViewer installed on your PC, go and download the free version.  When installing choose for personal use. 

We are also going to trial Zoho Assist.  We will walk you through that if necessary.

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