ImpoProof Support

If you are currently under contract for ImpoProof phone and Webex support, we offer support M - F from 9am to 6pm EST.


If you are not sure that you have a current support contract, please call anyway, and we can tell you if you are under contract.


The support number is 1-800-353-5546.  

Use the prompt for support.

A support representative will either answer the phone or you will be prompted to leave a message.  You MUST leave a message in order to receive a call back.  Call back times may vary but historically is within 1 hr or less.


When you reach a support representative, you will be prompted to initiate a Webex connection. The Webex connection is the Webex logo to your right.  Do not attempt to initiate a Webex connection before you reach support as it will go unanswered.