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ImpoProof 4100S



The ImpoProof has earned a reputation as the premier double-sided proofing solution in the world. The combination of Canon printer performance and a unique registration system has made the ImpoProof the industry leader in speed, quality, accuracy and reliability.

It is fast. You can achieve a top-end speed of 23 A1 proofs per hour at 1200 dpi.

It is accurate. The time-tested camera registration system has made the ImpoProof, without question, the industry leader in repeatability with a +/-1MM registration tolerance.

It is profitable. As a fully-automated solution, ImpoProof achieves an unmatched level of efficiency with the least amount of operator involvement. And the combination of Canon's superior ink yield and a cost-effective list of certified papers guarantee the industry's lowest cost per double-sided proof.                      


The video is from the 8400S.  The operation is the same and we will update the video when we can.

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