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Our system is better, it has two cameras instead of one!



Currently running as the most popular Myth. The competitor that is propagating this myth is trying to convince you that two cameras means that their equipment is more technologiically advanced.


The Truth: Way back in 2000, before this competitor was even around, we had two cameras. We quickly discovered that the extra camera was totally unnecessary. When we had two cameras they were both used for registration. The irony here is that this competitor uses the second camera only to keep track of the amount of paper fed out of the first printer. It has nothing to do with registration. It only adds an expense (and expensive I might add) to replace and to keep adjusted. We use software to keep track of our paper. Adding expensive hardware does not make it more technologically advanced. Sofware control does.



Speed. And whose is faster.


Everyone claims that their machine is the fastest. You need to dig into the numbers to make actual sense of it.  In our 20 years of experience with doublesided proofing, one of the key requirements is type readability. Most customers do not want fat chunky type. When your sales person quotes you a number of proofs per hour, it is important to ask them what the printer resolution is for the quoted number. Anything below 600 dpi will most likely make you unhappy. Then compare quoted speeds using comparable printer resolutions.

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